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Can you treat your hard water simply and effectively?

At Ecocamel, we prefer to be honest with the facts: some scientists claim magnetic water treatments work, others say it doesn’t. The good news is that there are lots of positive scientific reports attesting to very real benefits.

So why not join the thousands of our already satisfied customers and test our Ecocamel Descalers and see for yourself if you gain similar benefits in your home. And remember, with our 365-day money-back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Hard Water Signs

  • Is your kettle and shower head all furred up?
  • Then imagine what the inside of your water heater will look like?
  • Most homes in Hard Water areas can spend £250 a year overcoming the damaging effects of limescale.
  • You'll be using more washing up liquid, more detergent more conditioner, more soap and more shampoo.
  • In addition you'll be buying more cleaning products to remove limescale and maybe preventative treatments for your appliances as well.
  • Limescale shortens the life expectancy of household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. That's a fact!
  • The build up of scale in a boilers heat exchanger reduces it's life expectancy by as much as 8o% and a copper cylinder with just 5mm of scale built up can increase your heating costs by 50%!!
1 Year No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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How Does The Descaler Work?

The Descaler causes the microscopic compounds in the form of scale to be released back into the flow of water and therefore revert back to their original compounds when re-entering the water flow. Treated water does not change or alter any of the natural mineral content of water so essential for life. No salt or chemicals are added to your water system.

Fitting Instructions

The great thing about our Ecocamel descaler is that it is very user-friendly and fits in under 15 seconds. There are no pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts are added to the water system and there are no running costs or maintenance required.

Where to fit my Ecocamel Descaler?
Well, the best place would be on the rising water main, after the stopcock, where water enters the home (often under the kitchen sink), before any branches or joints. If water is stored in a water tank for more than 24 hours then a second Ecocamel Descaler should be fitted on the exit pipe of the storage tank. If you have a boiler then a further unit could be fitted to the inlet pipe of the boiler as this will ensure the best possible result. The Descaler will fit a standard 15mm pipe. It will work on a copper or plastic pipework but should not be used on lead pipes. 

How do I fit my Ecocamel Descaler?
Avoid pinching your fingers between the two parts by sliding the sections apart rather than pulling them apart. When fitting them to the pipe avoid catching your fingers by sliding the two parts together. 

If you have any questions please call us on: 0208 211 3666 or

Spec Sheet

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Do not handle the magnets if you are on a heart pacemaker or similar as the magnets are very powerful. If you wear a quartz watch or have credit cards nearby, remove them before handling the magnets as the magnets will stop your watch and wipe your cards clean.
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