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Jetstorm RV

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60 day guarantee
Was £69.95 Now £29.95
Was £69.95 Now £29.95
60 day guarantee
Was £69.95 Now £29.95
Was £69.95 Now £29.95
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The Science Behind Aircore Technology

Put simply, air is forced into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the handle.

When the water and air mix, this mixture spins around at high speed causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head. This forces the water out of the head with all the power of a conventional shower, but uses considerably less water.

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orbit softwater shower head in the motorhome

Enjoy a Scale Free Bathroom with the Orbit SoftWater

Experience the world's 1st soft water shower head!

The advanced internal water softener that powers the Orbit SoftWater helps:

  • dry or itchy skin after showering
  • trouble getting a good lather
  • hair dry or frizzy despite conditioner use
  • scaly film on shower screens and tiles
  • scale problems on your showerhead

feedback from users

The Ecocamel Jetstorm® has transformed our RV shower

“We bought our Jetstorm shower head this summer for our Winnebago Vista and we can't say enough positive things about this purchase. Simply stated there is no longer any need to turn around in the shower stall to get wet! The water pressure is more than adequate and the coverage from the spray head is fantastic. Without a doubt this is the best accessory we have bought for our RV.”

Chris Doran - Winnebago

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