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Orbit Showerhead & Stainless Steel Hose

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ORBIT: A shower revolution

The groundbreaking new Orbit eco showerhead not only boasts a striking halo-shaped design, it provides a powerful, invigorating shower experience – all whilst saving water, energy and money in the home.

The Orbit combines cutting edge aesthetics with unbeatable performance. Despite its hollow centre, it uses 10 clusters of carefully positioned nozzles (in a unique ‘bicycle spoke’ pattern) to provide an even spray and full water coverage. It also uses advanced AirCore technology to inject maximum power into your shower. The result is a fantastic, satisfying shower experience, where water droplets burst easily onto the skin and soak you more effectively without splashing or wasting water.

With 40 overlapping high power jets of water - the beauty of the Orbit is it actually delivers a bigger and better spray than a typical showerhead would!

alt The Orbit takes the technology used in our already successful JetStorm showerhead to the next level. We’ve worked hard to really push the boundaries of design, whilst combining maximum power with minimum environmental impact and lower bills!

The chic, chrome showerhead also incorporates wipe clean nozzles and detachable faceplates for easy cleaning. Additionally, it's quick and hassle-free to install yourself.

Not Suitable for very low pressure systems.

Normally: £69.95 & £9.95 (£79.90) - Bargain Hunter Price: £49.95

Colour/Style : White
Last Updated: Friday, 18 April 2014 11:24
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Thanks for excellent customer service…I will be buying more. Thankyou. Mark Brady Hemel Hempstead
It is rare these days to experience such a high level of customer attention with such a genuine interest in helping. Andrew Wilkinson London
I think it's amazing! The shower pressure is great, which I think is really important. Andrea Watson Daily Express
The shower head not only performs well with a good even spray pattern but also looks great – I love the purity and simplicity of the design. It's that blend of practicality and stylish design that makes a winning sustainable product for me. I'm sure my guests at the eco open house event will be impressed too. Oliver Heath
Definitely one of the simplest ways to make financial savings in the homes without having to make too many changes to your routine. Justin Harper Daily Mail
I'm always seeking out new ways to be eco-friendly and have fallen in love with the Ecocamel. It ticks all the right boxes for the eco-conscious homemaker. Nicolas Spencer Financial Times
Great product. I will be suggesting it to all my friends. Mr Clowe Stockport
The Ecocamel was really impressive and I've trialled a few aerated showerheads before. So I can honestly say that it is one of the best, 10/10. Chris Haslam House Beautiful magazine


Creating a water efficient, powerful shower head was a huge challenge that took us thousands of hours of designing and testing before the first models came off our production line.

Put simply, air is forced into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the handle. When the water and air mix, this mixture spins around at high speed causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head. This forces the water out of the head with all the power of a conventional shower, but uses considerably less water.`


Our claims are all backed by the most rigorous testing to make sure we meet the strictest water efficiency criteria.

Independent testing at accredited UK testing house demonstrated average water savings of 74% compared with 5 other shower brands available in high street retail stores. The less water you use, the less energy you need to heat it; so you can go green and save money on your bills at the same time. In fact, it can even cut a home's hot water bills by a massive 40%.


An Ecocamel Injet shower has a distinct advantage over its ordinary rivals. The water droplets that are produced are much lighter and softer so they burst really easily on the skin to soak you much more efficiently without splashing everywhere. Normal droplets just bounce off you so you have to use more water to get you wet. And if you’re using more water, you’re not saving money.